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Invisible skateboards

This is the "Invisible Board" section of the skate video "Yeah Right!" by Girl/Chocolate. The skaters were filmed skating on green boards, then the boards were edited out. It's definitely one of the cooler portions of an all-around awesome movie. Even if you're not a skater, you have to appreciate the cinematography, and just plain awesomeness. Amazing background music as well.

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Posted by Anonymous Anonymous @ 1:05 PM  

love the vid and the music... Anyone know who the the artist is ??


Posted by Anonymous Anonymous @ 1:26 PM  

That music is John Frusciante (RHCP guitarist), from one of his solo albums. I'm not sure which, sorry, and don't have time to dig it up as I'm headed out the door to work.

Posted by Blogger albeik @ 1:42 PM  

It's Murderers by John Frusciante.

Posted by Blogger Mattieu @ 2:09 PM  

This is a great video mate, nice music too. I wonder how they did it?

Women, Wine and Shoe Shine.

Posted by Blogger Danny @ 3:08 PM  

Green Chroma Key paint. Spike Jonze directed it i believe.

Posted by Blogger Anthony @ 10:17 PM  

I mean, obviously they used a chroma key but that doesn't account for the fact that the camera didn't have the information behind the skateboard anyway. That's what I want to know how they matched up.

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