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President Bush Has Pre-senile Dementia

It's no secret that George Dubya is a fucking moron, Seriously, I have met children that are more able to string together a sentence, Americans should be able to expect more from their leader. But it may appear that President Bush has a serious mental illness that is causing him to look, act and speak like an idiot.. He isn't stupid, President Bush has a mental condition. President Bush has Pre-senile Dementia.. In this video we will see two speeches made by George Bush. One speech is from ten years ago when he was governor of Texas, And the second is a more recent speech he made during his pre-election debate with John Kerry. If you compare the two speeches you will notice a remarkable decline in president Bush's ability to construct a flowing cognitive sentence.

Now, I don't want these pro bush idiots coming on here saying that i am a bush hater and it's all a tactic used to make him look stupid (like he needs my help). It is the professional opinion of Dr Joseph M. Price that bush is showing symptoms of Pre-senile Dementia.
(though my personal opinion is that bush is an idiot and so are the people who vote for him).


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Posted by Anonymous Anonymous @ 1:32 PM  

I think the fact that he was probably sincere about many things that he spoke of 10 years ago helped him then as opposed to now that he just cannot stop lying to his own country.

When people lie they stutter, get confused and confuse others etc etc.

Plus the fact that he had a drink problem in the past, the effects from that heavy drinking are showing through now, ive seen it before.

Its almost funny, the part where he mentions how America never stops thinking of ways of hurting its people, but of course its not funny.

The world has changed, is changing and will never be the same, maybe some good will come out of the hell we are in, but not yet.

Posted by Anonymous mike jones @ 6:58 PM  

I respect your opinion, however, the fact that I voted FOR president Bush, did not have too much to do with liking him. In the primaries, I voted for Forbes as the Republican front runner. Having said that, I also know many intelligent Democrats couldn't stand John the Flippin' Pretender, silver wifey provided spoon in the mouth, Kerry. But, they still voted for him knowing that he was a bafoon. This noted far left liberal (Kerry), one that for the majority of voting oportunities failed to report and vote to represent his current constituents. It becomes, unfortunately the lessor of the two evils, rather than the actual, who the best president would actually be. Your argument is actually pretty lame. On the other hand, even with a low popularity rating from various poles, Bush, although not gaining every battle and every seat, has managed to not by far, be a lame sitting duck president. This is primarily because the Democratic leadership (Nancy Pelosi types) are fork-speak. She recently had her little servants send me a personal email in response to correspondence from me to encourage her to vote for the marriage initiative. She writes back (para.) ...this topic is so far down the list of the main concerns of my voters, and I see no need to pander to the few conservatives in my district (due to the low importnace rating of this topic). Then I see Nancy on CSPAN stumping befor her peers how important it really is. Democrats could actually win seats and the presidency with a strong common sense leader like Lieberman. There are a lot of registered Republicans that are not necessarily 100% pleased with Bush's decisions, primarily with the war, that actually like Lieberman.

I would encourage you to act more adult like and stop the name calling and whinning about being a loser.

Posted by Anonymous Anonymous @ 1:09 PM  

Now for the funny part, your opinion is wasted on me as for a start im British so all that intense talk of politics glazes me over.

While i do have genuine worries of what is happening currently in this world i could not give two hoots about American politics, i have no idea who they are and who stands for what.

I just know a crazy guy when i see one and i as does the rest of the world now know what is going on.

Il happily run down our fool of a leader too, right at this moment Blair is stalling on helping the innocent Lebanese, i expected that though.

Without this sounding disrespectful i wish North Americans would not always take for granted that everyone else is American, they need to come out of that bubble a little, believe it or not there really is a whole world out there outside of the United States, you need to look at it wide a different mentality.

Posted by Anonymous Anonymous @ 9:18 PM  

Ok, then if other countries stop demanding the assistance of America, which besides the military, includes massive foreign aid in the form of medical, food, labor, and overall spread of good common peace then we can stop thinking that the entire world is like America. You are from the U.K so you cannot possibly understand this. You have the classic passive European attitude of wait until the Americans get involved until we get involved. We are the most powerful nation in the world and we need to be influential. If we did not extend the long arm of democracy then the Dark Continent would be in even more turmoil. The United States and the Americans that reside constantly toil to relieve this pressure; however with continuous demand from the rest of the world, this pressure will reside, and we will continue to be the police of the world.

As far as what you said about Lebanese assistance then you are quite on crack!

Posted by Blogger Anna @ 9:05 PM  

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