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Saddam Hussein Execution Video FULL

This video shows the Saddam Hussein execution in full.
We have already posted a Saddam Hussein Execution Video which showed Saddam Hussein walking to the gallows and having a rope put around his neck ready for his execution.
But another video shot on a camera phone has been leaked showing the FULL execution.
If you don't like graphic videos then this Saddam Hussein Execution Video isn't for you.


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Posted by Anonymous Anonymous @ 8:18 PM  

I sure paid a lot of my tax dollars to see this!

Posted by Anonymous Anonymous @ 8:34 PM  

THANK YOU THANK YOU! All the other places are too woosy to show this video! It means a lot! I wish they would release a clearer video, or that they would've DNA tested the dead body so that we didn't get a bait-and-switch thing! But for now, this is good!

Posted by Anonymous Anonymous @ 11:18 PM  

Pure Evil Man - Although his victims had no opportunity to live - it may have been best to allow him to suffer in prison his entire life. I don't believe in taking a life, however, will shed no tears for Saddam Hussein.

Posted by Anonymous Anonymous @ 11:34 PM  

Another one for the U.S.!!! Go Army for catching his ass!!! Where were the Marines when he was captured? Sleeping?? lmao

Posted by Anonymous Anonymous @ 12:34 AM  

I have mixed feelings about this execution (don't get me wrong, the Bastard deserved what he got). Months ago, I was gung ho about the prospect of this evil mass murderer getting his just desserts. But more and more, I've come to realize that with all the chaos in Iraq, he WAS the only one who was able to maintain order there. Maybe he knew something that we don't (he knew his people REAL well). Perhaps his way of doing things (murder and mayhem) is the only way to keep Iraq in line (short of us bombing Iraq into a parking lot). "Dubya" sure hasn't been able to turn it into a successful working democracy (as much as he'd like to believe that he can and must). Furthermore, ya gotta give the man some degree of respect that he went to his death like a real man (and showing care for his people). I think perhaps his biggest "crime" (or rather mistake) was running afoul of the USA. Oh well, he's gone. Now that the REAL mission is accomplished---getting rid of Saddam (not the phony missions of WMDs or turning Iraq into a democracy), I think, Dubya aside, it's time to pull out and let them duke it out between themselves.

Posted by Anonymous Anonymous @ 12:39 AM  

We should consider outsourcing our candidates for extermination to the Iraqis, assuming they had been vetted first by conviction based on direct physical evidence, and were guilty of violent, mortally harmful crimes. No "he said/she said" convictions, just the ones that are factually credible. You have to admire the Iraqi culture for it's speed, unlike the legal handwringing we inflict upon ourselves here in the US. Been done. Now they can move a little bit more forward positively.

Posted by Anonymous Anonymous @ 12:44 AM  

Much of the world would like to blame the USA for executing Saddam Hussein, saying that the Iraqi government is our puppet. Load of crap (not that they are our puppet, partially they are)! It was THEIR trial and execution. It was pure Shiite. Take a look at the jubilation in all the Shiite cities and towns, and you know that they didn't need the USA's prompting to kill Saddam. They did it themselves with GUSTO! Blame them.

Posted by Anonymous Anonymous @ 12:48 AM  

With regard to the sentiment expressed earlier that Saddam was able to keep Iraq together, and deserved some credit for that, it should be kept in mind that the level of violence in Iraq may very well have been much higher under Saddam than it is right now, believe it or not. Before we went in and, among other things, brought the media to full bear on the strife within Iraq, Saddam had control of the media (mostly.) We didn't hear much about Abu Grab then, or the mass murders and graves. Just an occasional hamburger making now and then. Had we had media visibility during his reign, much of the world would be perceiving the chaos we have now differently. Nonetheless, its up to the Iraqis themselves to show they are up to the task as a nation to get their insurgencies under control. Blaming the US for the mess just won't cut it as a path toward a solution.

Posted by Anonymous Anonymous @ 12:52 AM  

Human Rights Watch and others have condemned Saddam's trial and sentence as "fundamentally flawed", and the execution as "barbaric" (?!?!?) Semantics and Bullsh*t!!! The whole world KNOWS that he did what he did, and that he deserved what he got (if not worse). If he was tried by the most honest and scrupulous court for a longer drawn out trial and longer more meticulous appeal, would it have changed the honest outcome? NO. So who are the bullsh*ters fooling?

Posted by Anonymous Private Second Class Michael Vick @ 12:58 AM  

Thank you so much for showing this. Im deploying to Baghdad in may, and this video really boosted my confidence in knowing that the enemy can and will be defeated.

Posted by Anonymous Anonymous @ 1:01 AM  

I (and not being a rightwing fundamentalist Christian) am floored, to see all of Christian Europe and even the Pope himself, as condemning S.H.'s execution as barbaric. I guess all of this "Christendom" is malarkey (even the Pope, a phony Christian!). For the Bible (theoretically recognized universally throughout Christianity) CLEARLY, CLEARLY, CLEARLY prescribes capital punishment as the penalty for murder. So European Christians (Pope included) are in reality just a bunch of HEATHENS and IGNORAMUSES.

Posted by Anonymous Anonymous @ 1:06 AM  

The POPE against capital punishment??? How can that be? The Catholic Church has a TRADITION of capital punishment (like for heresy). Look back to the inquisition. It's the SAME Catholic Church (just wimped out, that's all).

Posted by Anonymous Anonymous @ 1:14 AM  

With Regards to Anonymous (12:48 am), the US is not to blame for the mess. The US is to blame for staying there, mired in it. Let's get out, and make the Iraqis deal with it themselves!

Posted by Anonymous Anonymous @ 1:14 AM  

Many data, historical and analytical, are being thrust at us, following the pronouncement of the death sentence on Saddam Hussein. What one might loosely call "the prosecution," anxious to defend this mite of justice handed down by the Iraqi court, reminds the world that it is incorrect to assume that the execution of Saddam can measure up to what Saddam did. Remember, we are told, the court ruled on only a single barbarity, namely the Dujail massacre.

That involved murdering about 150 Shiites. They were being punished for conspiring against Saddam. Most of them were, simply, shot. But not all. Some, we learned, were inserted into meat grinders. If the trial revealed what were Saddam's motives in this alternative means of execution, word of what they were has not got out. Most would think it naive even to ask. The idea — alternative means of execution — wasn't a scientific experiment: Execution by bullet, or by giant blades that tear bone and flesh apart — which is better? The idea, manifestly, was to exhibit the lengths to which Saddam was routinely prepared to go in order to discourage dissent.

Posted by Anonymous Anonymous @ 5:03 AM  

Fuck you USA!! Como si los Estados Unidos fueran unos santitos, asesinaron a alguien que solo defendio a su persona y a un pueblo del verdadero terrorismo... LOS ESTADOS UNIDOS

Posted by Anonymous Anonymous @ 8:50 AM  

Good riddance, you scumbag son of a bitch! Burn in hell with your sons!
-Joe F., USA

Posted by Anonymous Anonymous @ 10:10 AM  

I cannot believe someone would write "fuck you USA" on here!How dare you! And in Spanish, no less! Whoever wrote that, if you are in the US, I have 2 words for you....GET OUT! Or, if you prefer, GO HOME! If you think Saddam was so great, carry your Spanish speaking ass to Iraq and join him! The man needed to be punished for his crimes, same as everyone else who has to pay for their crimes- he should be no exception. I'm sick and tired of people who aren't from the US complaining about us, even though most of them are living off of us by taking our jobs, living off our welfare, forcing us to learn their language when they should be learning ours....I would never move to Mexico or Spain and expect that they should start learning English just because I have moved there. I would also not expect them to move heaven and earth to accomodate my every whim, simply because I happen to be there ILLEGALLY!!!!!!IF YOU DON'T LIKE IT HERE, GO HOME WHERE YOU CAME FROM! WE DON'T WANT YOU HERE ANYWAY!

Posted by Anonymous Anonymous @ 8:36 PM  

I love the U.S ,I just hate our government.

Posted by Anonymous Anonymous @ 8:38 PM  

I Love the U.S, I just Hate our Government

Posted by Anonymous Anonymous @ 8:47 PM  

I agree with anonymous @ 10:10. If you idiots that invade our country don't like it... GET OUT!!! How dare you. This great country is trying to help so very many people. They are trying to help Iraq. They are trying to help Mexico as well. If you don't believe it look at the foreign policy with regard to illegal aliens in comparison to the harsh stance Mexico takes toward immigrants (ie - they must speak spanish, they must have a skill, etc...). Yes, hanging Saddam was harsh, but why don't you ask the people of Iraq why they came to that conclusion instead of "mother-fucking" the country that I am sure supports your piece of shit ass!

Posted by Anonymous Anonymous @ 11:01 PM  

Is it a U.S responsibility purge the world of dictators? I am just as appaled at the crimes of Hussein, but the U.S. was warned that it was stirring up a hornets next when invading Iraq, and the U.S. has paid dearly both in the blood of Americans and the financial strain on it's citizens. The world has now become a dangerous place and time will only tell if things can improve or deteriorate. I think going after Al Qaida is a good thing where they operate and are a visble threat, but now I think things will be much worse for Americans unless Iraq can get itself under control. Will the U.S. invade North Korea and Iran next because they pose the next biggest threat? I remember the fear of communism in the U.S. which unleashed the cold war, but capitalism conquered, not the military. China is also a great example of what a capitalistic society they are becoming, and this in turn educates the masses and slowly brings about change. This has also happened in some middle east countries, unfortunatly now there is a nutcase running Iran, and it may be to late for this approach.

Posted by Anonymous Anonymous @ 12:32 AM  

Wow - the world is more filled with morons like you than I had anticipated. One ass yelling at the other...For once get the facts right. You think you are so intelligent, but you eat what you are fed? My gosh, I don't think there is one person left in this world that does NOT know that Sadam was a bad baad person. You are missing the point. Politicians are ruling the world in your name and with your money. Do you really believe that killing a monster will solve anything? Have you studied anything independently from what you are being fed? Really, have you ever gone back into history and asked yourself if there is possibly anything true of what "the others" say?
Do you really believe in what your government is telling you? Note that I said government, not US government. This world is full of idiots that allow politicians, media and business to do anything they want to. Why was Iraq invaded? September 11, yeah - but wasn't that the dude that lives in Afghanistan? Ah, WMD - where are they? Doesn't matter if there are none, let`s go find that bastard and kill him. Done. Now what? Cheezes - stop defending something that has never ever done anything for you. They are using us and you let them. Ask questions, expect answers and not lies. Learn. Read. Do some research before reciting what you have heard in the news or in school.
Seriously, you are killing somebody for killing? Is it just me?

Posted by Anonymous Anonymous @ 3:40 AM  

where is the real video, this one looks fake to me....

Posted by Anonymous Anonymous @ 7:34 AM  

i have mixed feelings about all of this .yes he was the ruler of iraq.and even though it was wrong for him for real,to do the things he was his country and he basicly could do what he wanted.but as soon as he and his ways affected our intrests we stepped in and now he is guilty for crimes against humanity.all the really happened was they turned him into some type of martyr.

Posted by Anonymous Anonymous @ 7:37 AM  

guess he finaly made it to mecca.fuck you saddam and all your homies too

Posted by Anonymous Anonymous @ 1:57 PM  

You know what, this ain't gonna change a thing. Being british i hate the idea of our soldiers getting killed everyday for an arab country and i'm sure you americans feel the same about your boys. We should have never gone in the first place.
As for saddam, they should have left him to rot in jail, surely that would have been more painful for him.

Posted by Anonymous Anonymous @ 9:54 PM  

Regardless of the cruelty Saddam caused his people to go through, this is just horrendous. No one deserves to live their last moments with torments. This was a bad action by the Shi'ites...and now that Saddam is gone, do you REALLY think Iraq's troubles are gone? What did Saddam's ridicule bring to the nation? If more than a moment of won't do much.
I know that the Iraqis will never have to suffer under his wrath (thank goodnes), but they are no better-- so many have been wrongfully killed in this war of nonsense.
Dubya, I suggest you make a plan of action, and take the TROOPS out.
Violence endings do not bring peaceful beginnings.

Posted by Anonymous Anonymous @ 10:06 PM  

in response to the anonymous writer @10.10 am...this is not a place for you to post your ignorant views and racial complaints of latin americans and others. Mind you, the U.S. was a country of strangers [immigrants] coming together, forming a culture that many envy.
Now, many feel ungrateful to their governments because they don't realize the power of democracy...yes people can bring change, but I don't get it....people are just too damn lazy to research or ????

Posted by Anonymous Anonymous @ 7:06 AM  

So "Army" is proud of capturing an old unarmed man in his hidey-hole?
Marines were out dealing with the fanatic dangerous foqs where Army fears to tread!

Posted by Anonymous Anonymous @ 3:53 AM  

I am not possitive that the video is even real. we all know that saddam had billions of american dollars stashed all over the middle east. do any of you think that this is just more cinema bull cookie's designed to satisify the hearded sheep on this planet. I do not believe any of it to be the truth.AMERICA caught the man,why did we not hang the man our self.I still believe this to be HOLLYWOOD AT WORK,with the help of some crying hearts who don't believe in THE DEATH PUNISHMENT.

Posted by Anonymous Anonymous @ 1:46 PM  

I'm amazed at the Way Sadham's Trial was held... It was so flawed... where on earth do u see defence lawyers being killed and Chief judge being changed during a trial ?

I think this is clearly double standards... If the Bush is put to trial for all his massacres all over the world, he will be burnt to death !! Fucking bastard !! Thinks he owns the entire world !!


Posted by Anonymous Anonymous @ 10:41 AM  

now what we are going to do bladdy bush and blayer. they are the most wast

Posted by Blogger Tracy @ 1:48 AM  

This comment has been removed by the author.

Posted by Blogger Tracy @ 1:48 AM  

I believe Saddam got what he deserved. However, I also think our Government pokes it's nose around far too much. We are not (and should not be) the World Police. And I do not believe we should push our democracy beliefs onto anyone. Don't get me wrong, I love my country - but who are we to say how other countries operate. Who put us in charge? I absolutely believe in our democracy and appreciate (as well as support) what our military personell sacrifices for our beliefs and freedom. But I don't think we as a country have any right to tell any other country what to do and how to do it. Am I alone in these thoughts or am I just being naive?

Posted by Blogger nandha @ 8:54 AM  

however as a human i think this is very worse, i never belive in death punishment, us should have a mercy.what the Bush deserved he got only he loose too many us soldires for a one person?


Posted by Anonymous Anonymous @ 11:41 AM  

Until now, I never believe that He was trully executed. Well, great work ! Although, justice has been brought to book but do you really think that saddam's execution will bring end to world of terror in Iraq? If yes, what have we done to bring somebody like Osamar Bin laden to book?
What I see about this is that America or let me say BUSH has gone to Iraq to capture Hussein, executed him or probably took avenge of his father lost on saddam.At first he claimed that they have nuclear weapon and now is Saddam's murder.What convintion can America or the Bush Government give concerning this? Let America be prayerful because they may want to fight back.

Posted by Anonymous Anonymous @ 11:36 AM  

Ok, yes he got his punishment. Why is Bush not hanging next to him? How many people has he sacrificed for his beloved oil? If this was truly a matter of human rights, why don't we see the USA army in Zimbabwe? Do you have any idea how many people get hacked to death with panga's daily? Suppose not, because there is no oil. Bush should hang as well!

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