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Americans Are Stupid Idiots

I am English, And if you know me you will know that i hold Americans with very little regard. To the English they come across as being crass, Ignorant, intolerant, moronic cretins who have no understanding of the world beyond their own tiny insignificant lives and have no understanding of events that happen outside of their fucking street.

This video proves that Americans are no only mind numbingly moronic, But also a complete fucking embarrassment to the human race (if not all mammals).

This video makes me want to go to America just so i can vomit on it, then come home to good 'ol blighty.

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Posted by Blogger joe @ 3:34 AM  

yeah, generalizations are fun!

Posted by Anonymous Anonymous @ 5:05 AM  

I could say the same to you, but then that would make me intolerant bigot also.

Posted by Anonymous Anonymous @ 7:54 AM  

I am American, And if you know me you will know that i don't judge people by their nationality. The author of this blog comes across as being crass, Ignorant, intolerant, moronic cretins who have no understanding of the world beyond their own tiny insignificant lives and have no understanding of events that happen outside of their fucking street.

Posted by Anonymous Anonymous @ 1:52 PM  

He seems to have some pretty strong evidence to suggest americans are stupid.. do you have any to suggest the same of the english? No? Didn't think so.

Posted by Anonymous Anonymous @ 1:09 PM  

lol .. very funny... I don't think all americans are stupid. just 98% of them :D

Posted by Blogger moze @ 3:55 PM  

I am of English and Italian blood. Don’t link me with Bush or other conservatives I cant stand them. The same power hungry mothers that are ripping you off at the gas stations are also ripping us off. Though your government is taxing you even worse. Should I blame you for Margaret Thatcher your current Prime minister, your bad coffee, inedible food, metric system, Granada and a host of other plagues.
I’ve been to England, Wales and Scotland many times and I really liked it. You however may kiss my ass.
Mozart Rottweiler

Posted by Anonymous Anonymous @ 3:15 PM  

yesh ur right i think half fuckin american r fuckin stupid!! an Im and American . . .but im smart . . lol

Posted by Anonymous no_american @ 6:17 PM  

Americans are not stupid because they are americans, but because they're stupid, which you can clearly see in the video.
Right its not about the nationality, but americans are just stupid.

Posted by Anonymous atomic1fire @ 7:02 AM  

dont diss america home of the free
and land of the braver then you

Posted by Anonymous Anonymous @ 11:22 PM  

Hmm... seems as though our dear blogger is somewhat jaded... as well as slightly racist. Where he/she developed his/her ignorant views is a mystery, possibly passed down from his fore-fathers... who happen to be the exact same fore-fathers of the folk who went to populate another region on another continent. Keep in mind this region (country now) has never been visited by our blogger... thus he has absolutely NO FACTUAL experience or evidence upon which to base his hate-fueled comments... other than the narrow-minded views that are filtered through to him in the media he has been brain-washed by.

I guess if I continue to read some of your 'insightful' comments you'll shortly inform me that Jewish people are tightwads who squeeze every last penny out of the economy and thus your pockets, Black people are thick and smell bad, Spanish people need to bath more regularly and Chinese people all grow up working in sweat shops.

Also, you'll be informing me that most Africans still live in grass huts or caves, have wild animals roaming their tribal villages and have never seen a television.

Australians pretty much all have their own pet kangeroos or koala bears and for fun most weekends they're all out surfing, bungee jumping, back-packing or wrestling the crocodiles.

Dear blogger, here's a piece of advice... expand your experience of this great planet of ours beyond the narrow-minded opinions of your favourite media or fore-fathers.

There's a wonderful world out there waiting to be discovered and the great thing is this will allow you to develop an ORIGINAL opinion beyond the false stereotypes you've bought into.

Posted by Anonymous Dave @ 7:42 PM  

stop fightin BITCHES!!! you aint gettin anywhere u sad fucks. the english are too similar to america. that is why conflict arises. you stupid 2 fight tho

Posted by Blogger americansarestupid @ 12:58 AM  

americans are so stupid its beyond belief. they moan about oil shortage yet they all have 6litre v8 cars. they moan about being fat yet they live on spicy chicken wings and bbq ribs. half americans would be able to tell u where the hell iraq is. if u wrote france where australia is on a map most amercians would think its france. ffs look whos in charge of the americans, bush is the biggest muppet ever to exhist he really is!! oh look im american lets sue everyone over stupid things!!! they also have to have silly spellings for things, trying to make themselves sound like a new language, and wtf do they have to have stupid voltages for electrics. and a football is round you know!!

Posted by Anonymous Anonymous @ 1:24 AM  

WATCH THIS. americans are so damn stupid.
watch this i nerly wet myself laffing
any american trying to depend their country clearly has not watched the video or is just damn stupid anyway

Posted by Anonymous Anonymous @ 9:20 PM  

well i guess the english are stupid as well since our first settlers came from there and have their genes

Posted by Anonymous Anonymous @ 1:23 AM  

If we're going to generalize, perhaps we (I unwillingly hold a U.S. passport) can measure the relative intelligence of the bodies politic of our respective countries by the amount of time we kept two of our worst leaders: the moronic Bush and and his little lap dog/fuck buddy Tony Blair. Bush...8 years, Blair, 10. I'll give you a couple of years handicap for Blair, because at least the man is sufficiently bright so as to hoodwink people in possession of an IQ above 70...and that would make us both equally stupid.

Posted by Anonymous Anonymous @ 3:47 PM  

As an American of Celtic descent, I was raised to believe that the English were muderous, thieving, rapist,oppressors. I visited England and Wales recently and found that some English were decent people trying to make amends for the centuries of brutality against the Celts. The official English oppression of the Welsh people didn't end until 11 years ago. Look in the mirror before you start labeling others. I'm sorry, but I have to say that my favorite line from a movie was in "Braveheat", when the mad Irishman asked, "Do I get to kill the English?". I don't literally want to kill anyone, but I wish I could kill the narrow-minded, preconceived ideas about others in both our countries, as well as the rest of the world. Fortunately, for all the decent people of all races and nations the opinions of idiots like ourselves amount to squat.

Posted by Anonymous Anonymous @ 12:00 AM  

The author of this generalizes Americans. Yes, some of my fellow Americans are ignorant and intolerant. However, not all of them are that way. There are some very intelligent and open minded Americans. I would like to remind the author that some of us are foreign, or come from different or mixed backgrounds of race and have beliefs and philosophies.

Posted by Anonymous Anonymous @ 1:06 AM  

Honestly, we're all human. I laugh at ignorance, death, stupidity, and most importantly, hypocrites. Quit taking life so seriously, you'll only end up dead. As for Americans, I'm American and I see stupidity here every day. It gives me something to laugh at. I'll bet something you'll shortly realize are similarities between our countries. Our rednecks are your pikeys, we have racial issues, as does UK. We also have ignorant, uneducated psuedo-intellectuals, like the publisher of this blog. It must suck when you think you're funny and no one else with half of a brain joins in.

Posted by Anonymous Anonymous @ 2:59 PM  

I'm English and have no problems with Americans(excepting the right-wing nutcases that get so much media exposure). It's just embarrassing when my fellow countrymen come out with this kind of stuff. Never been to the U.S., but friends who have, all said the experience was way beyond their expectations. If some Americans are guilty of insularity or ignorance, it's because whatever scene you're looking for, you can find it big time in the U.S. They don't need to go anywhere else. Hating Americans is just so passe.

Posted by Anonymous Anonymous @ 7:15 AM  

...this makes me laugh. Americans are so...reckless. Though, I'm one too. We're not all ignorant! Some of us actually realize we are stupid and acutually try and fix it. Which isn't working out very well either.

Posted by Anonymous Anonymous @ 4:59 PM  

AAAHHHHH....Jealousy....Keep it coming!! You go through all this trouble to make Americans look stupid. You must have no life. You see we have other things to do besides think of ways to demean people from other countries. burns the soul....

Posted by Anonymous @ 9:08 AM  

Quite useful material, much thanks for this article.

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